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 in response to infernojames...   Hello, Go to:
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My name is jessica I am trying to find another job because I was laid off when I was 7months pregnant due to I was so sick and then my daughter was born 9lbs but could not suck on the bottle from there she needed a feeding tube she is low tone,has seizures and is legally blind with all thats going on and she as so many apointments a car would be so helpful.If anyone would could help mydaughter and I out it would be so appreciated.Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
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 in response to sbab...   where are you located. we would like to be able to help you. my husband is a mechanic and would like the opportunity to look at it free of charge and repair it if possible.
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changed girl
 in response to Alice'sNightmare...   There are no buses in this area, and I have a job and go to college and take care of my eight year old so it sounds like you are angry because you have to work 2 jobs. Give the moms a break, children get sick and moms need cars. It's your fault for not getting a proper education so you won't have to work 2 jobs, ever heard of college. Give me a break Alice!!!!
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 in response to mommyof 2 needshelp in VA...   Use the bus. It's your fault for choosing a poor partner who screwed you over and you have all the potential to get a job without A CAR. I have TWO jobs and I HAVE NO CAR!
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 in response to bubbles09...   Use THE BUS! I don't have a car either. I WALK and USE MY BIKE everywhere.
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 in response to Mmmm4764...   The American Cancer Society will set up rides for you free to get to all of your treatments...And possibly you could talk to the principal at the school your son goes to, and they can provide a ride for him...I have cancer, and theres lotsa of support out there...try bless you...
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My name is Justin Boswell. I have a wife of three years and we have just had a baby boy about 11 months ago. We are locked in a CPS battle right now for my son. Today they told us that we have to drive to each meeting which is once a week and then also to Seguin once a week as well for our lawyer meetings. We have no transportation. I have a valid Texas Drivers License but no car because my wife and I are both on a set income from the government. CPS is telling us that if we do not attend these meeting no matter what the cause may be then we will loose our son. I am also a full time college student at ITT Technical Institute here in San Antonio. I have to get a car so that we can do as CPS asks and get our child back. I have no help from the outside friends nor family. Can you help us?

My number is 210-897-4978
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i am a white male who is in need of a car... 12 yrs ago i committed an arm robbery that cost me 12 years of my life.. 12 yrs ago i was a young immature male of had no intrest in life or other people feelings. while incarcerated in the department of corrections for 12 yrs i had the opportunity to realize that life really does have a meaning. A meaning that i findly realize is that i want more out of life. I want to help my community,, i want people to realize of my generation that we can come toghter to do things to help our community. we need to help our children to realize to they can become successful people in our community by just givivg a helping hand. since i have been release from the department of correction on july1,2011 i have tried so hard to find a job, to support myself the right way without committing other crimes. sometimes it seems so hard when you dont have no family support. i am a person who only lives on a 120 dollors a mounth. sometimes i find myself slipping but whaen i do,, i ask god to give me the strought to carrie on. i live in detroit the jobs that are welling to hire with a felone is companies outside of detroit... i dont have no car or transportation. i do realize how hard it is out here but i also realize that i want to do something serious with my life. i want to make a serious impact on my life and others. i dont want to time no more time in prison. as and mature person as i am today i want to make a positive change for myself and others around me. most of my family are drug attics of some type.. i all reality i dont want to be like them. i want to brake those chains. i want to show my family i can make postive choises for myself and for those in my community. so if any body can help me out in finding a job or some transportation would you please let me know.... i really would appreciate it. whoever has read this please remember this.. i really would like to change my life and those around me for the postivethings and not the negative things.. please give me the chance to show you i mean what i am saying.. thanks for your time and passionates whoever is reading this. please call me 313 826 4035 or god bliss you all....
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i am a single mother on disabilty. my daughter is 12 and also on disabilty. we live on 1000.00 a month. we both are in desperate need of health care and need a reliable automobile for doctor visits and to get food. i am serched everywhere for over a year for help . the stress is overbearing. my daughters father is in prison for molesting her and therefor we receive no support. our church has no funding. we have missed several appointments over the year due to lack of transportation. i am praying someone can help us. please contact us at if you have any answers to our situation. thank you, god bless.
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Hi, i'm a 56 yr old woman that is divorced, i was married for 27 yrs and have 3 children from that marriage. I lost my jobs due to the bad economy and now i'm on disability due to health issues. My car died and cannot be fixed, i don't have a way to obtain a vehicle. I need a car to get to Dr appts, store, etc. I'm unable to take public transportation due to my health issues. My youngest son who is 24 is severely disabled and lives 20 min from me, i am unable to go see him or even bring him home for visits. I would appreciate any help, thankyou so much.
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hi i am a 30yr old single parent living with my dad. I dont have any disabilities my child is healthy but i desperately need a vehicle! My sons father wont pay child support. My dad only recieves disability and cannot support the 3 of us . Im not looking for a hand out or and easy way out of a siuation ive just hit my limit i dont know what to do!and where we live I cant walk anywhere. i desperately need a job but with out a car im stuck can anyone point me in the rigt direction for help
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Hello I'm a 32 year old mother of 1 and I have stage 3 poss. stage 4 breast cancer. Last month my husbands job cut his hours and pay by more than half which devasted us. To make matters worse 2 days ago our only car's engine blew. It's gonna cost between $2500 - $3000 to fix. Money I don't have. I'm currently in radiation 5 days a week plus chemo every 2 weeks plus I have to drive my 5 year old to and from school everyday. I am terrified and don't know where to turn. My life literally depends on this car. Does anyone know what I can do? I live in ny. I've been searching for help but I find nothing. Please someone somewhere help me! Thanks for your time
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I am a 43 yr old female in need of a car! PLEASE can anyone help me! i am disabled trying to obtain work and there are no bus services in the area that i can work at, if anyone can help me please email me at thank you and god bless!
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i am a mother of 4 including an special needs 11 yr old i have a mini van but its not very dependable is there anyone out there that can offer a free vehicle program and a home buyer program in illinois i have only 580 credit score and a low income i also am located in a rural area i want to go to school but i dont trust my vehicle plus i take my son to n from school everyday if there r any angels out there give my family a chance i'm not trying to take advantage and have humbled myself for my familys sake.please dont give up on us people that really need ur hand ur help. god bless and happy holidays my email fir contact is prayer is alway needed and accepted here but a hand up is so needed right at this moment i really screwed up n my past and have been changing myself since then but i need a little help to go farther for myself my children and my god i would love to go to school to learn all i can about horticulture and hydroponics but its so difficult to find help in this rural area especially for an african american family in a predominatly caucasian area thanks to anyone who took the time out of ur busy lives to read this god bless u
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 in response to nini3...   hi i like your peach yea we need hope i pray many time and i know god have reason why not to answer our prayer im in need of help badly and waiting on hope still.
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i am a singel dad i cant afford a car, i pay a babysitter for my daghter for me to be able to go to work and i wlak towork and it takes me four in a half hour just one way theres no busse that run there and taxis are expensive. is there someone out there that could be able to help me with a car i will aprisiated alot. i dont have any family and im in my own. my phone number is (859)907-7084 please someone help me
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Im 20 years old and need a car of my own badly..i have to ask for rides all the time and i work all the time. im trying tohelp keep my family together and safe..the normal taking care of my family. my dad had two heart attacks a day before my birthday and my mom just had her gall bladder removed with that all happening and not having insurance the bills are high. my stress level is to high so i cant go to school for my carrer. i would love to have my own car and it would help so much.

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hello my name is Sandra May Correa, i am 47 years old. i have a family of 4....we are in dire need of a car, any kind will do.
my husband just been diagnosed with severe diabetes and needs a way to go back and forth to doctors appointments, and obviously, we have no way about this.
i too, have been diagnosed as bipolar and schizophernia...and i need a way of transportation to and from therapy and doctor appointments.
aside from this, me and my daughter are wanting to attend college to become nurses, but again with the problem of not having a car is kind of postponing that action.
as of right now, we have to rely on our legs to take us from place to place and if anyone knows about this pain knows it is both tiredsome and hard.
please if anyone can help us, please please do. it will be greatly appericated.
contact us via cell phone or email:
thank you and god bless

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 in response to rebecca35...   Yes, please, I am very interested in receiving a car. THANK YOU!
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