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I didn't realize there were so many People struggling, Makes me sad.

I had a Car accident march 2, 2008 That left me paralyzed. I am a single mother of a 5 year old. I only recieve ssdi which is not alot. I live on my own in a small apartment with my son. I have been very dependant On everyone for transportation and now I'm trying so desperately to get back on my feet. I don't know where to start or where to go. I'm thankful for this website and to know there are people out there still trying to lend a hand. If anyone has any information which they think Might be helpful for me and my situation please reply. I would be so very grateful. I wish everyone well. thanks.


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Hi my name is Aaron. Ive been on disability my entire life. I have the greatest fiancée in the world who is a single mother and trying to start college and raise a 3 year old on a waitress salary. I try to help her the best I can but am on limited income myself. We have gone to car dealership after car dealership only to be denied for car loans due to not enough income. She has no way to get to school starting next month and we are looking for a car so she will be able to get to school and home and work. If anyone knows what we can do my email is

Any help would be great as we are struggling to figure out what to do. 

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Hi, my name is vanessa. I am a single mother of two wonderful boys 12 and 5 years old. I am disabled and cannot get around to places we need to get due to lack of transportation. It is very difficult for me to get out of bed everyday but on the days God graces me with energy and less pain, I do want to be able to go to the store and buy groceries for myself without having to ask or beg people to take us. I struggle every month to be able to just make small monthly payments on our utility bills and my children have really learned to go without a lot of things they sometimes need or even just want; like most kids. I am truely blessed to have children that understand when i tell them, "sorry not this time, maybe next time." It really hurts me to see there sad faces, especially when my oldest comes home from school telling stories of what his friends did on their weekends or where they went. I don't mean to sound pathetic or tell sob stories but you see we truely are in need of a vehicle. Especially for groceries once a month and doctors appointments. I don't want to reschedule any more appointments due to lack of transportation because the person i ask has last minute things to do.. So please if any one can help me or knows where i can get help with free transportation please, please, please help me.... Thank you soooo much.

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I am a 25 year old looking for a 4 door mini van to get my two kids back and forth to school and dr apportments. I tryed to get a loan and cant if you know any one who can help email me at

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blessing mom

hi my nae is Jenny it nice to know you, i am a single mom with three boy too, they 12,10,6 years old and we struggling aso that we need a car by the way my ex he not even care to find a jobs to sopport me and kids, he just lay back home and don't care nothings, me an kids some time crying so bad that we don't have money to pay the bills and gas, i'm so stress and depress can'tdo nothing about so we just keep wishing may be one day has some one can be kind ness give me a car so i can drive my kids to school and go to store. becuase right now me and kids are living depend on friend they drive us to school and store, i hope you and your family doing fine. god bless.

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Hi. My story is not as sad as some and I almost feel bad trying to find help here. If anyone knows any places in Bowling Green, KY that will help with a major car repair (cam shaft, locked up motor) please let me know. I am a single mother of 3 children and i work in a fast food restaurant. I just bought the car 2 months ago with my tax refund, so I'm tapped out for cash. We have some sort of public transportation, but it doesn't go everywhere and has awful time constraints. As a result I can't work as much as I was and I can't make it to any dr.s, food stamp or any appts that me or my kids have. Any help to get me started on my search would be helpful.

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This MAY help:

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yes i am looking for a car i have had 32 operations,i have heart operatonsbad back knee problems arm also.i can pay 200 to 250 per problem is putting money down or finding any one who can help me i miss doctors appointments going social security is not enough.they say i  do not make enough.i cannot win i do not want a car for nothing i just want to pay mthly.if possibble.i am not here for hand outs i just need a car.everyone i have talked to has said really am about to lose my mind.i hate doing this biy i do not know what tto do thank you

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mamma bear

is there any programs to help a new mom on ssdi get reliable transportation for her kids in NH?

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 in response to BUG-A-BOO...   Call some local schools that have auto mechanic training.  Good luck!  Rosie
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any good resources for car repair for low income family living in Washington state?

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This webiste was very helpful. Unforanatly through both your research and and mine I have discover that it is hard to fine help if you are just struggling and single. I live in NC my car is totally out of commision and I need help payinhg to get it fix. And there is no one in my area. I will continue to look and post what I find. Thank you again this was a great start.hhhhbbbbb

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This is a wonderfull web site. I am glad I found the link to here. I am from the Traverse City Michigan area. We formed a commitee to help out dislocated workers and families. We have 2 families looking for some repair work to keep them going. This office is open till march 2010 when the plant closes. I pray for everyone every day to have a better and stable future again. Thanks again. 231-933-1312 Mike H

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 in response to jahdarklamb...   

You wife took all the toys, kids clothing and stuff with her? That seems a bit of a stretch for any spouse to do that. 

As their father, you should not need anyone else to fill out papers to get your child into daycare or any other place.  Simply fill out the paperwork again.

Most children are perfectly happy playing with the simple things in life. I gave my grandchildren some spoons and old pots and let them play in the yard. They made mud pies all day, day after day, with no fussing, just a little dirty, and a bath took care of that.

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I am a recently separated father whom have 2 of my 3 children 'living' in a room with me.  I also recently lost my medical transportation job and am living off savings that are almost gone due to the facts; my children's(wife) just left my children 3 weeks ago (1 day after I lost my job) with me without food, clothes, books, toys NOTHING.  I spent most of my money on the stuff they needed. As a result I have lost weight, am 3 weeks back up in rent, unable to aquire another full time job due to transportation issues. To compound problems in order to get my 8 yr old son to school on time(which is a 45-50 min walk) I have to wake and ready my 3 yr old daughter as well.  Unfortunately, their mom has the paperwork needed to get my 3 yr old into day care...we have yet to see her again so when I have to go places(no matter the distance) we walk. I grow tired of having to start out 3 hours before an appointment due to the extreme distances. We need an SUV, camper, mobile home, a roomy car or truck.  I can be contacted @ or or leave a message on this # 856-365-4543.  No help is refused.

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 in response to soulight...   

Hi soulight

sent you a one to one and thank you plus glad you are ok


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Thank you Starshine !

I am doing well. Not perfect , but then nobody has a perfect life !   I hope you are well too . I am glad that you are trying to tell people about safety on the Net. It seems some people just don't get it no matter how you try. But trying is still worth it !


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Hi rosario315

You have gone through much sorrow with your children and I am so glad that God has come through for you with the pesos that you needed. 

God is Good . All the time.



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 in response to Princess29...   


Please take your e-mail and phone number off of your post unless you want scammers knocking at your door. 


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