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 in response to tree...   

hi there!
 I hope your okay now. Months ago, I too experience so much difficulty. Finanacial, physical, emotional, spiritual. Name it, i've got it. My 5 year old was to undergo a heart surgery then "ASAP". The surgery cost Half Million pesos, to us that amount is a fortune. i"ve been married for 11 years. since then, life isn't so easy. My first born has a heart defect, he underwent surgery when he was 2 years old, we spent half a million pesos for it. my third child who was born prematurely, stayed in the hospital   for more than a month again we spend alot for it, and what more depressing, we lost him after 2 months. Now my second child, alliah jorgina, 5 years old. Has the same illness with my eldest son, tetralogy of Fallot or 4 defects of the heart. and has to undergo the same surgery. months ago i didn't know what to do. me and my husband are just ordinary employee. But with so much faith in God, actually its the only thing we really have, I don't know what miracle it was. we were able to raise 500, 000 pesos with not a single penny coming from our pocket. Last July 4, 2009, she underwent surgery and praise God it was a successful one. I'm just faithful to my God.

in prayer,


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 in response to soulight...   

Hi soulight

I did a one to one with him last night late on that but maybe he hasn't come back on yet.

Thanks for putting it out there for others to see what not to do.

Hope you are well


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 in response to mike 56...   

Hi Mike,

Please don't list your address and phone number. People can contact you with the private message feature on Aidpage if they want to help . When a person puts information about where they live and their phone number , they often get scammed by people who try to take advantage of them.


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mike 56

please help me i am a single father of 2,i have a broke down car that gets 6 miles to the gallon,and would cost 1400 to fix,i struggle with bi-polar,i live in sturgis sd my adress is please someone,gods children help me to get a better car or to get mine fixed,my phone and internet may be shut off in a month,im 36 and almost homeless,i need transportation for a job no busses here,and can only handle part time cause of my bi-polar,god please help me:(

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Any thing in Nevada? My car is about dead and I only get $400 a month. We were turned down for Medicaid because my nine year old does not have a state sponsored picture ID, she has a Birth certificate and Social. We did not even get a hearing. I have an ex that owes over $75,000 in back support, I owe nothing to the state, but they do nothing about him.

I am looking for a truck because I live in a very rural area and with it I can find work with the outlying ranches, better then with a car.

Of course my real desire is to have a truck with trailer or camper then we would have a vehicle and a home.

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I do not know if this the right kind of page to post such a message on but here goes...

I have been unemployed for 13 months now and my emergency unemployment is about to run out. I am having great difficulty in finding a job in spite of the fact that I have a college degree and a long solid work  history (sales and clerical work mostly). I need to find a job soon. I live in Carbon County Pennsylvania and cannot relocate as I must take care of my 88 year old father. Even If I could find a reliable work from home program that does not require an investment, is not a scam and is easy to become involved in, that would be helpful.

I also have a car in need of repair before it is to be inspected in August but funds are very low - car repairs are very expensive!

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Are there any programs in NY state for cars for low- income families?

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You can donate car to Cars4Charities Car Donation Center,

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 in response to tree...   

Hi tree,

First , depending on where you live , find out about all the public transportation possible.You have to have some way to get to appointments to start recieving assistance. Sign up for all the public social servicess that you can get . You can also fill out forms at the social services to start going after your husband for support. The sooner you start , the better.

If your husband left , get a lawyer ( go to or call the local United Way . They should be able to help with getting the ball rolling with most of this.) Or contact Salvation Army or Catholic Charities . Don't forget churches . Most will help whether you attend thier services or not. Try to get the house. After all , you have the kids and they need a place to live too . Fight for child and spousalsupport too if you can get it. Don't let your husband just leave without being responsible . 

 What would I do first ? Go to a shelter. When I left my ex , I stayed with different friends. It was a mistake. A women's shelter would have helped me with all the things that you are facing now. My friends meant well , but they really did not have a clue about helping me start a new life.

I was married 18 years and then separated and divorced. I was totally lost as to what to do first. Many people will say that it will get easier and better. This is true , but you do need to go out of your comfort zone to get to a better place. Just make yourself do it . For you . For the kids. For your new life.

Here is a small amount of information that I put together for where to start during a crisis. I hope that you can use it for your situation . Also , if you look in the left -hand box on this page , you will see a link to a directory of all my pages , some are just for single moms. 

I will keep you in my prayers.


to start :

What to do first in a Crisis :
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Hello! I am a mother of two going thru a divorce . I am in a very bad situation and dont know what to do first. My husband left me with nothing after seventeen years of marriage. I am jobless carless moneyless and soon to be homeless. My quesstion to you is what would you do first? I need a job however cant get to the job without a car cant get a car without money without a car cant provide a home. And on top of that if i got a car i would have to be able to provide insurance. I am just lost dont no what to do. I am so scared if i dont get it together soon I may even loose my kids cause I cant provide for them without a job. Please help.

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My Name is Nathaniel, I am 23 years old and the Father of a 21 month old daughter named Mya.  I am in my first year of college and am struggling to find a job.  In fact it has been 14 months since I last recieved a paycheck.  I attend church faithfully and pray that God will open doors for me and I continue to keep my faith.  It is hard for me to find work due to the fact that I have no transportation and right now would be willing to do almost anything to get even the most simple run down vehicle.  


If anyone knows of any place or anyone who could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You and be Blessed


Nathaniel Liedtke 

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My Name is Stephanie I am a 24 year old single mother with 2 beautiful baby girls 4 and 6 years of age. There father has not been in the picture since before the youngest was born, which is not a bad thing he was a very abusive man. He had tried to kill me and i have been stabbed rapped and punched i dont know how many times. But i was young and thought that family being together was more important. but older and wiser i ran and never looked back. Its been really hard with no family and no partner but we get by with each other. Its been 3 years since i had been in a relationship and then decided to get in one...After a year moved in then he became a HITTER so we packed in the middle of the night and left. Not thinking that we had noo where else to go i called my mom who really doesnt like me at all thats why i say i have no family..She tells me to go to the shelter and drop the kids off or take them with me..but she would call CPS....So i shed a tear kissed my babies and dropped them off at my mothers. The next day my car dies which contained all of my belongings, which made me miss my shift for work becase my phone was dead because i could not charge it..which then made me lose my job...And with this economy there are no jobs....I NEED GODS GRACE AND YOUR HELP!!!!!!! please i am in need of a car so i can drive to the babies and work i need to save all the money for the apt. can you please email me if you can help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

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cindy 47

i have feld out so meny accplacshins for a grant adn i have not a thing they got there money out of my accont so i dont trust grants we are brocke and can not pay are bills we are going to get the lights turned off on tuesday.i have lost my blazer i lost my job so i need a car and money so we can live we are going to get kicked out of are home we are renting i have a 18 years old son stell in school and i am liveing with my exhusben so we can make it a i love him he is desabel he was get a check and he was working he lost his job and his check for the ssi please if you can help us get a car and get the light bill

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 in response to cindy 47...   

Hi cindy47


It sounds like you have had a lot of things happen all at once.I am sorry that this is happening to you.

The best thing that I personally can do to help is to refer you to a listing of my pages that address all the challenges that you mention in your message.

I hope this helps !






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cindy 47

i need a car and money to get my bills payed i lost my job a thay came and got the one i had  and i need $1000 i need it monday the 5th my ligthes and phone is going to get traned off we are a foot and broke and all most out oe food please help us

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 in response to DThor1...   

thank you..much love to you.

we have a small truck now ,but it broke down(needs a new clutch) so we could use some help getting it fixed cause it's hard for us to use the bathroom,get to work and all of that stuff.

looking for any kind of paypal is or i dunno how else help can be done.

we are located in eugen oregon.


thanks and i love you all.



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Little woman

Hello my name is Whittney,and I stumbled upon your website yesterday and i am in a desperate need of a car.I am a 20 year old student of memphis,Tenn and is basically doing what she has to do,but it isnt easy at all.A couple of years ago I lost my twin siter ,Brittney at 18 and it has devestated me.My sister left behind a daughter named,Sha'paris who I am so closed to and want to be able to provide fo so my mom could relax a little.My mom a ,single mother has been struggling to keep up with the bills and with the economy, it is almost impossible.I am almost finish with my associates is business and have began to put in tons of apps with no luck and I totally becoming stressed out.My mom does not drive so it is pretty hard for me to get back and forth to school and look for a job.Of course I am not going to give up because I know something is goig to pay off.I just feel like i I had a car of my  own a little  weight would be lifted off my shoulders because I am never goin to give up all I need is a little push.So please if you have any info that could help me in memphis,tenn please contact me at my email address:

Thank you,

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i need a car,please

i'm located in chandler,arizona...

i'll be homeless starting april 1st and i'm looking for help.

thank you

much love to you




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Wit's End

I am in desperate need of a car so I can go to school.  Do you know of any programs in the Wichita, Kansas area that help people with no income find a car?  I am completely broke with shut off notices coming out of my ears.

 Thanks.  My e-mail is:


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