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littlelacie   in reply to pregnant and patient
We can only tell you of places that might help. We have no money on this site to buy things for people.We do not know of any place that gives people free cars.
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pregnant and patient
I am a pregnant single mom with a 12 year old. I have lost my job because there is no bus that goes to the area and cabs were too expensive.I live in Cincinnati Ohio thinking of relocating to Louisville ky for more support. No car is ruining my life as it is really needed esp with winter approaching
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DavidF   in reply to raindancer
Hard not to when i spent my lifes savings rebuilding my moms house and saving my brothers. Not to mention he owes me $2000 and they all decided im not worth the help. I cant get help nowhere else and im just screwed for being alive. I hear of somany people being helped by so many organizations but when i ask im not worth it.
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raindancer   in reply to DavidF
do not give up keep trying just don't give up
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DavidF   in reply to raindancer
They do not have that type of public transportation here. I guess ill just have to drop out of college and give up. I have no other options.
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raindancer   in reply to DavidF
Had that experience in a saturn and we had to junk it because we had no money to get it fixed. Are you able to get a bus?
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DavidF   in reply to woman in a shoe
Just my luck
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woman in a shoe   in reply to DavidF
I am sorry put the person u posted to not been on here for a long time now. I have been helping people on here for all most a year now and I hadn't seen any resources that will fix a car
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I live in Shelby Alabama for college, i have a 1998 Chrysler sebring that needs repaired. The transmission leaks out as quick as you fill it up. The shop told me it will cost 3 thousand to fix. I do not know what else it will need but it ran when i parked it and i believe it will still run. I have been in college for 4 years while carpooling. I had to transfer to a different college. Now i have no transportation because i donot have anyone in that direction. Classes start in a few weeks and i am afraid i am going to have no choice but to drop out. I blew all my savings helping my family but now that i need help they are nowhere to be found. I am on a minimum monthly check due to an accident that fractured my spine. That's why im in college for better options to better my self. I just require a little help and have nowhere to turn and i am out of options.
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I live in Altoona Pa. I am a single, disabled mother of two. I am in desperate need of repairing my 2000 Durango. I need the exhaust manifold gasket/bolts, leaf spring snapped, muffler, tail pipe, lower ball joints, oil pressure sensor, sway bar link, bumper, and fog lights. I have some of the parts, but no one to put them on, and I cannot afford a garage for these types of repairs. I am currently being forced (yes I said forced) by a Judge in the Blair County Courthouse to drive my UNSAFE vehicle to the neighboring town for visitation with my ex. The Judge knows my vehicle is unsafe, but said its 'not a good enough reason' to miss visits. I am terrified if I keep driving under these conditions I am going to end up in a wreck seriously injuring/killing myself or my children. If you know of any help at all, in any way, I will be beyond grateful!!
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Thanks, I'm in serious need,just hoping for help.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to Pepper89
For auto help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Pepper89
Sou light not been on here in years
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Pepper89
I know cars are expensive . I jus had a hose put on . it was two hundred dollars just for a hose . I don't know any resources that will fix cars . but you can try to get a free cars through . but you have to have so many votes to get it . good luck .
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I live in burleson tx. I have a 1995 gmt sonoma that I have had almost 2 yrs now. Its been working fine but today it has a screechy loud noise. I'm pretty sure I know what it is but also pretty sure it's really expensive to fix. I have 2 lil girls and I am pregnant. I take care of my 87 yr old granny with alztimes. I need to be able to get around. If anyone knows what I could do for help I would very much appreciate it! :)
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Anyone know of financial aid for car repairs in New Mexico. I am desprate. No car = no job....
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cantstopthemadness   in reply to Jax0121
two suggestions. one look and see if there is an automotive school anywhere near you. Most schools will do the work for free, if you pay for the parts - but you can get an estimate of what that will cost before they do anything. 2. I dont know if you get any sort of financial help via food stamps, but there is a program Temporary Assistance Needy Family (TANF) that if there is funding available and you meet other requirements - such as being under a certain income... that they might help pay for repairs, but you need to have a quote for cost of repairs first on that as well..
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Hi I live in scranton pa I am a single mom with three boys struggling and living on public assistance,I have no way of getting around because I have no transportation,I need information if any on how I can get a car that way I can look for a job.having no way of getting around is become a very big issue and it keeps me from not getting any where in my life .please if there is any help out there can you please let me know .thanks
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Hi there.
I desperately need help & was wondering if you could help us. I have a beautiful 13yr old daughter. I lost my car so I then lost my job. I'm struggling right now and need a job so badly. The problem is that I can't get a job until I can somehow get a car to get to work and back. Please please let me know if y'all can help us. Thank you very much!

Alicia Campbell 832-482-7781 or
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Hello, My name is Jacqueline and I live in Illinois i'm a single mother of three kids. I have a 97' Dodge Grand Caravan that I need fixed before I loose my job. I can only find work a hour away and i'm running out of time and rides. Please can someone help! I've been so behind in bills because I have gotten my hours cut to receive rides to work. I believe my van needs a trans and I have someone that would be so nice to put it in for free if I got one. My county doesn't offer car repair. Well at least the ones that I have called. I don't know what else to do after fighting to hard to get to this point without support I can't loose everything. I have worked so hard. Please please please can someone point me in the right direction to get car parts for free or at least to where I can afford it. Thank so much and God Bless

My e-mail is
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