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Hello, My name is Jacqueline and I live in Illinois i'm a single mother of three kids. I have a 97' Dodge Grand Caravan that I need fixed before I loose my job. I can only find work a hour away and i'm running out of time and rides. Please can someone help! I've been so behind in bills because I have gotten my hours cut to receive rides to work. I believe my van needs a trans and I have someone that would be so nice to put it in for free if I got one. My county doesn't offer car repair. Well at least the ones that I have called. I don't know what else to do after fighting to hard to get to this point without support I can't loose everything. I have worked so hard. Please please please can someone point me in the right direction to get car parts for free or at least to where I can afford it. Thank so much and God Bless

My e-mail is
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BaddCatt   in reply to PuddinPie
Hello Ann.

Tell me about your van. When you turn the key, does absolutely nothing happen? Or does the engine turn over but doesn't fire? Or do you hear a clicking sound, but nothing else?
I'm trying to determine if the problem is your battery, starter, ignition, or something major.
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PuddinPie, is my nickname, I live in Newport News, Virginia 23608. I forgot to put it in my previous, original post, about my 2001 Ford Windstar LX van that won't start.
(757) 751-7172
God Bless!
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I have a 2001 Ford Windstar LX and it won't start. I need financial help getting it repaired and/or a good samaritan who will repair it @ no charge, and/or a free car for transportation to my doctor's appointments, grocery store, etc. I am a young grandmother who has been diagnosed with poor circulation in my lower extremities. I want to be able to help my grandchildren with transportation to their school activities, etc., too. If you can help, that will be GREAT, or point me in the right direction! :)
Thank you!
(757) 751-7172
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Jehsea   in reply to Dee&boys
Are you out of your mind? Making an open-ended invitation like that when it involves just you - assuming you are an adult - although extremely dangerous, hey, if attracting abusive men is your thing and you're an adult, not much the rest of us can do - BUT to make such a "come and get us" plea with four kids depending on you to exercise good judgment is TERRIFYING!


If you think child sexual abuse only happens to little girls, think again. I have a (now adult) daughter and son who were both assaulted by my second husband, the one I felt so fortunate to be loved by, since I was a "package deal" - a woman with another man's children, precisely the kind of woman who, despite my very good looks, gets passed over because she's "all used up" in male thinking.

You're setting yourself up for a devastating lesson. Please do not take your innocent children along for the horrific ride with you.
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Jehsea   in reply to zx

OK, now I am going to assume you're not stuck in the van, you're on the net, so you're in a safe apartment. Good, got a base of operations! Well, I think the best course of action is to start with your phone book and call Catholic Charities (not, you don't have to be Catholic.). These fine people will deliver food baskets with kid- and even pet-friendly goodies in them right to your door!

They'll even hook you up with vouchers for free tanks of gas, and, in my case, during college, subsidized my daughter's pre-school at a gifted and talented program for artists!

They also connected me with an excellent mechanic who worked at very reasonable rates for me. I hope this is of some help to you:).

Catholic Charities was instrumental in helping me through college after I took my children and left the husband who violently beat me, went to college with an infant daughter and a toddler son, and graduated four years later - working THREE PART-TIME JOBS the entire time to make up for unpaid child support - graduated with every award they had, and got into a top private litigation law school on full scholarship, too!

So remember, you can do anything you set out to achieve! Good luck!
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Jehsea   in reply to christopher.moss
Chris, your SS card can be replaced by any Social Security office in your area. Do this online at a public library or over the phone. Your out-of-state driver's license is not a roadblock to unemployment insurance. Merely note you've changed address by calling the Illinois Dept. Of Revenue and informing them, they will tell you what to do. Often it's as simple as noting the new address on the back of the AZ license and that's good for 30 days until you change to an Illinois license, but it can start your application for benefits as long as you were employed the number of qualifying "quarters" needed to qualify for unemployment benefits. So neither document issue you raised will necessarily bar you from receiving short-term benefits while you're in crisis. Good luck!
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Jehsea   in reply to zx
Look for immediate assistance through local churches' food assistance programs for new residents, they will bring it right to your door! You can access these wonderful people and services by looking up their phone number in your book. Catholic Charities is particularly good and fast and includes something "treat"-like for the kids and pets, even, in their food baskets! From there, they can hook you up with vouchers for free tanks of gasoline; trusted mechanics who do excellent work at very low cost, and so on. I hope this helps you get established. Once your feet are firmly on the ground - don't forget to go back down there and Pay It Forward for the next needy family. We are here to heal each other, after all. GOOD LUCK!
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I am in dire need of a vehicle. my name is christopher moss. i have a job but I seek employ elsewhere for better wages and benefits. Right now i can afford food and my phone and insurance. today my car exploded while i was getting my family groceries. i dont have the money needed to get a car and i do not have the credit to even get a credit card. all of the options i have i am frantically trying because i can not be without employment even if my job is paying me less than minimum wage. i moved back to illinois after learning my grandmother the woman who raised me had become increasingly ill with alzheimers. i cannot file for unemployment because my social security card was stolen and i hold a arizona license. this situation is not one i want or need to be in but i need to try everything. if anyone knows where i can even get repairs for free or cheap cheap please help. i need 150$ in parts. i can do the labor. i will even volunteer time. i will even trade my car for a moving car. Its whatever.
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crypt keepers ride   in reply to brandiv
I have a 1984 caddilac limosene with a working bar between 2 seats. I beleive it was owned by a mobster, I would like to see if there is anyway I could get a grant to rebuild it from the ground up to help out with advertising for a friend of mine who own's a Halloween store.
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Cindy J   in reply to Dee&boys
I don't know anything about Colorado, but there should be a crisis center in the area. They help women and children who have been in abusive relationships. They help with food and shelter if you need to stay there. If not they can help with rent, utilities, food, furniture, clothing, etc. Almost anything you need, just not luxuries like the cell phones. I worked at a crisis center here in Texas years back. It was one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. Check in the front of the phone book where they list all the government and other special listing for the number or just look in the white pages. If no luck try calling information. It's free from a pay phone.
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Sincity   in reply to POOH'SGRANDMA
I have a 99 Grand Prix GT that was leaking coolant and I had a mechanic tell me I needed a new one but after I parked the car I had my son look to see where the leak was coming from and then when the car cooled off he felt under there and felt where the hole was and how big it was. I went to Advance Auto (you could also go to any auto place like Auto Zone) and ask for Quick Steel for a radiator leak (it's only about $6-$8) have someone like a grandson or neighbor find the hole and use the Quick Steel to seal up the hole. Since I've done that and I had 3 holes (I also hit a brick 1 month after I bought the car) my car doesn't leak ANYMORE ---I hope this helps
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Hi my name is Amy 28 and I'm a single mother of three young kids. And I have no family to help me to start a better life for my kids. And I want them to have a better life that I can give them if I had a car to take care of doc. Apt and going to work. I'm from northwest Indiana If you can help me please contact me at Thankyou
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I need a mini van, I am a single mother of 3 and helping my teen daughter to raise her 8 month old daughter, my son has asburgers and is on disability, my 3 1/2 yr old gets death benifits from her dad taking his life last Aug, I'v been working 13 1/2 hours aweek to make up the slack I need a car to get to work and assorted cousiling appt and doc apointment # 248 747 0595
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bodyofoneministries   in reply to POOH'SGRANDMA
I am a B.O.O.M family member... Karen, and I work p/t at a body shop. We see at times accidents that the vehicle owner (at fault 'n' doesn't have insurance coverage for repairs) is looking for means to get their car fixed as little cost as possible. So there are places you can look for cheap parts yet good quality condition. Junk yards, e-bay, LKQ or Keystone, Towing yards where maybe a vehicle was hit in the back so the Engine area is not damages... Performance Radiator Co. and other places. Try to "Google" used radiators for vehicles. (I just did and shows the first one $82.70 w/1 yr. warranty BUT You have to make sure it fits your Make/Model/Year/Engine size/V-6 or V8 and check on that vehicle year!! Sometimes a vehicle is on the assembly line (as an example) lets say, 2002 to 2006 Chevy Malibu/blueprints in engine stay same only Body style modifications changed, SO that radiator, and other parts will fit in any Chevy Malibu's w/that date. See if there are any assistance help thru a church/state/county/large business or body shops that will work with you?! Free out the door or take $25/$50/monthly paymts. ALSO very important, "Pray" on it, have faith, tell yourself it will come and believe it will work itself out. It will!!
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Hello, I am Pooh'sgrandma I am almost 70 years old but still love to care for others. My 2001 Pontiac Grand prix is leaking coolant and the front is broken where i hit a piece of brick . My mechanic says don't spend any money on it but I NEED TO get around I have seniors who depend on me. Can you help me I live in Philadelphia PA.
Hi my name is Dawn I live in Romulus mi, and i have a 2003 ford windstar mini van but last week my van gave me some problems it kept stalling and now it just wont start, i have 5 kids and now i cant take them to the doctor or school or go shopping for food ect, please some one help me , i just moved to romulus and i dont have no family so its so hard for me rite now i cant even find work because there are no bus stops were i live, if any one can find it in there heart to help me and my kids please . god bless you. 313 675 2515.
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hi my name is karen im a single mother of three i need help fixing my honda passport i live 25 miles awaya from town. my 5year and 4year old go to school all three kids need to go to doctor and denteist i also have classes i need to go to if some one can help me
Hi my name is alana i am a 17 yr old mother. i didnt know if anyone knew of a program in florida that assists with getting a vehicle, i go to school work and take my daughter back and forth to school. right now my dad assists me but its getting a little much since he has a family of his own as well. if anyone could be of assistance i would really appreciate it. i just wana give and do better for my daughters sake.
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Hey Im Adrianna and a single mother of two little girls. I was wondering does anybody know of any car repair programs in the memphis,tn area. My van has been down for two weeks now and I do not have a job. I was offered a job two days ago but was unable to get a ride from anybody to get there. I trying real hard not to lose faith, but it seems like nobody wants to help me. And I barely have the money to pay for my girls to get to thier daycare either. So, please any information would help...Thanks in advance...
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